About the Writer

I’m Toby, the writer of Top Goalkeeping.

I’m not a professional footballer, ex-professional footballer, or even a coach. I played as a goalkeeper at an amateur level for ten years, and was brought-on by some excellent coaches and ex-professionals throughout that period.

For the last nine years I’ve worked as a sports analyst — identifying patterns in football markets — and producing custom analytics software for professional bettors. My other sports-related projects include:

  • Punter2Pro — one of the most recognised sports betting blogs in the UK, US and Australia.
  • SportSesh — a sports pub finder & online football fan community with a simple concept: find a local bar showing the televised game you want, wherever you are.
  • Palio-ETT — one of Europe’s best selling table tennis bat brands, popularised by a famous viral video.

More specifically to goalkeeping, I founded the growing goalkeeper glove brand, Rectrix Sport. The first edition Rectrix 1.0 gloves were designed alongside academy keepers to achieve maximum comfort, grip, style and unrivalled value for money.


What’s Top Goalkeeping All About?

Top Goalkeeping is where I collate everything I’ve ever learnt about being a keeper. I aim to:

  • Create how-to guides designed to help amateur keepers improve their game.
  • Use my sports analytical background to suggest optimal strategies in goalkeeping scenarios (e.g. penalties, one-on-one’s, corners, direct free kicks).
  • Provide health & fitness advice specific to goalkeepers.
  • Create the most comprehensive database of goalkeeper coaches in the UK & Ireland.
  • Recommend the best, and most cost-effective goalkeeping equipment on the market.
  • Collaborate with active goalkeepers to offer helpful advice and demonstrations.
  • Offer advice that’s rarely spoken of elsewhere — such as dealing with the psychological difficulties of being a keeper, poor pitch conditions, enduring criticisms, maintaining concentration levels, and so on.

Enjoy Top Goalkeeping and be sure to follow us on social media!

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