Best Football Goals 2022 | Top Training & Garden Goalposts

If you’re looking for the best value football training goals on the market then you’ve come to the right place.

In this review I’ve hand-picked a selection of football goals to suit all budgets, specifications and portability requirements. Whether you’re looking to play casually in your back garden, run training drills with your team, or play competitive matches — we’ve got it covered.


Small Goals (Kids or Training)

When it comes to small goals, it’s best to avoid the cheap “tent” popup goals because they tend to move with the wind, and can’t absorb hard shots. Instead, go for the mini goals with sturdier, plastic posts.

Whether you’re looking for a young kid’s garden goal, or to develop shooting & passing accuracy, I recommend the 3 x 2.5ft Forza mini goal. It’s robust, lightweight, 100% portable, very easy to assemble, and can be used on any playing surface (indoors & outdoors).

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Typical Price: £29.99 – £39.99


Medium Size Goals (All Rounder)

If you’re looking for a versatile goal that’s durable, robust, suitable for training matches, ideal for small games — but not too large for the back garden — then a medium sized goal is your best option.

Most importantly you must purchase a medium sized goal & net that’s able to withstand the impact of a football, as well as support the weight of its own crossbar. Otherwise, it won’t truly function like a real goal!

We recommend Samba branded goals, which are made from weatherproof High Impact 68mm diameter Heavy Duty uPVC — meaning that the goal posts that can handle even the hardest of close range shots. Their goals include rot-proof heavy duty nets, ground anchors, and a very simplistic locking system that connects the posts together.

Samba medium sized goals goals come in 6 x 4ft, 8 x 4ft, 8 x 6ft and 12 x 6ft (7 a side). For Futsal the sized goals, scroll down.

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Typical Price: £79.99 – £100


Futsal Goals

If Futsal is your game then you’ll want to practice using a goal of the correct dimensions. The Futsal regulation size is 10 x 6.5ft (3 x 2m).

The QuickPlay brand offers a 3 x 2m goal which boats a 30 second setup time (to fold flat, for leaning up against a wall), durable 68mm diameter high-grade uPVC, and ‘straight crossbar’ technology. The product is flexible, strong, and specifically designed to reduce the stress on the diagonal support poles.

Quickplay also offers the same goal in 6 x 4ft, 8 x 5ft, 12 x 6ft (7 a side), 13 x 5ft, and 16 x 7ft (9 a side). This may interest those of you exploring options in the mid size market.

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Typical Price: £74.99 – £129.99


5-A-Side Goals

If you’re looking to create 5-a-side games it’s important to purchase wide, low-crossbar goals that compliment the compact pitch as well as the “no-overhead height” rule. Most medium-sized goals are too tall and do not have the correct 5-a-side dimensions of 12 x 4ft (3.66 x 1.20m).

Samba provides a high quality, freestanding, fully portable regulation 5-a-side goal made from uPVC. It includes the net, net clips, locking system and ground anchors. It’s suitable for any surface.

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Typical Price: £99.99 – £110.99


Full Size Goals

Once you look beyond mid size goals, you’ll need to upgrade to much tougher materials; plastic isn’t sturdy enough to support large frames at right angles. Metal parts are required — which significantly increases the cost.

You may not have the space in the garden for an adult regulation football goal of 24ft x 8ft. (7.32 x 2.44m). But if you do, or you want to set up a full size goal at at a field or training ground, then here are some excellent options for you.

Temporary (Cheaper Option)

If you require a full size temporary “popup” goal for use on grass then tread carefully: there actually aren’t many reliable options!

Due to the immense stature of a full size goal, only a few brands offer a design that’s light, portable, quick to set up, and doesn’t constantly crack or fall down.

The Golme portable one-piece goal is one of the very best portable options on the market. It includes a patented one-piece design for rapid 3-minute setup and takedown — which can be completed on your own without requiring a second person to assist. It folds down to a fraction of its size, and weighs just 30 pounds in total, making it the lightest full size goal. Perfect for transportation and storage to/from training.

Despite it’s nimble design, this goal can handle even the most punishing training sessions. Every component is made of 6000 series aluminium and formed with more than 800 tons of pressure. It won’t crack, bend or weaken when struck with the ball. The only downside is that it’s not suitable for artificial grass, since the anchors need to to be put into the ground.

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Typical Price: around £400

Freestanding (Premium Option)

If you’re in the market for a full size premium football goal that’s robust, weatherproof, movable (around the pitch), and “always ready” for both training and/or matchdays, look no further than the FORZA Alu110 Freestanding Football Goal.

This premium football goal is highly durable and built to last. The tough 110mm diameter aluminium reinforced frames are rust and corrosion protected, while the net is HDPE weatherproofed (meaning it will not rot). Furthermore, all of the Alu110 goals have been independently tested and comply to FA, UEFA and FIFA regulations making it a true matchday goal.

The Alu110 goals come also come in 3 x 2m (Futsal), 12 x 4ft, 16 x 4ft, 16 x 7ft (9 a side), 18.5 x 6.5ft, and 21 x 7ft.

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Typical Price: £944.99 – £1,499.99

Hopefully this article will help you to find a goal that’s perfect for your garden, your football club or kids. Just keep in mind that the bigger the goal, the harder it is to carry around and the tougher the materials need to be to support the weight of the frame — which adds to the cost.

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