The Best Goalkeeper Blogs (Top Keeper Blogs)

There’s detailed blogs for the some of the weirdest, most obscure hobbies imaginable. So given the enormous popularity of football, you’d think there would be tons of brilliant goalkeeping bloggers out there, right?

Well, apart from several YouTube vlogs, there’s not.

And that’s precisely why I started writing the Top Goalkeeping blog to begin with. I want to fill the void.

There are some good resources out there, though. It just takes a bit of clicking around. If you’re looking for something to read, here’s the specialist goalkeeper blogs I recommend browsing through…


Keeper Portal

Keeper portal is one of the more modern, professional goalkeeping blogs.

Their articles are a mix of current affairs, and goalkeeping tips/guides. Well worth a read.


Goalkeeper’s Union

Like Top Goalkeeping, the Goalkeepers’ Union (or GKU) was made to recognise players between the sticks at all levels of the game.

The goalkeeper blog section of the site features professional goalkeeper news and analyses. The articles are an interesting read — but the podcast really goes the extra mile.



Although predominantly a (US based) goalkeeping shop, Keeperstop has a surprisingly detailed selection of articles nestled away on their site.

Many of the posts are aimed at coaches. But there’s plenty of great info for keepers to take away.


Blame the Keeper

Goalkeeping coach Justin Bryant provides several well-written, intelligent insights into goalkeeping on his (appropriately named) blog.

While most of the articles are out of date (many were written back in 2007), there’s still some timeless pointers that will always remain true of goalkeeping through every generation.


Goalkeeper HQ

The site itself is a little bit disjointed, and the articles vary in quality and depth. But nonetheless there’s a few helpful pointers in the Tips & Hints section if you’re willing to filter through.



The Great-Save blog has one focus: goalkeeper gloves.

Read glove reviews, discover the latest brands, and learn what the pros are wearing. The site accompanies its popular YouTube counterpart.


Goalkeeper Manual

Like most goalkeeping blogs, new content has shifted over to YouTube and social media. However, buried in the archives are some helpful posts covering all areas of goalkeeping — such as closing the angle.


Goalkeepers 365

This site provides details on a variety of detailed training drills. They’re worth a browse if you’re aiming to work certain areas of your game.


JB Goalkeeping

This rather antique-looking (yet well-written) site covers the basics of goalkeeping. It’s good for those starting out as a keeper, looking to learn the game

As goalkeepers we’re used to feeling underappreciated, forgotten, unnoticed. So it’s ironic that online — where bloggers and journalists publish articles about anything and everything — the keeper is still somewhat left out. My aim with Top Goalkeeping is to centralise information that’s currently scattered across various blogs (like the above), creating a simple ‘hub’ for aspiring keepers to refer to.

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